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Re: I don't understand people who say disposables are cheaper

I think its just that most people are VERY short term thinkers - especially financially. They look at the cost of disposables - lets say $20 a box that they can get "on sale" for $15 a box and they can NEVER in their wildest dreams conceive that they would EVER spend $500 on disposables. Of course, most people don't do the math.

Then, if they do do the math...they prefer to have the steady cost of $60 a month over the up front large cost of cloth - which is anywhere from $250-$500. That's just more than a lot of people can swing at one time - especially when they likely have SO many other things that they're needing to buy. Add to that that they are likely to be taking some type of pay cut or major pay reduction or something.

So....I think people would be WAY more honest if they would say.....I can't pay the upfront money of cloth rather than "cloth is more expensive"

Of course, I think it takes a specific kind of person to absorb the "extra" that cloth requires - either extra committed to saving money, extra committed to the environment, extra committed to the health of your child (in a natural way). Because even though we all know that cloth is easier - cheaper - does take an large initial investment of time, money, knowledge, research, shopping, etc.

Sposies take none of that - you just put them in the cart.

I think its just easier for people to say "its more expensive" than it is for them to evaluate the options.

I totally understand that, I really do. But, I am with you that I don't understand "Its more expensive" That's just silly
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