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Re: I don't understand people who say disposables are cheaper

i was in my local CD store when i overheard the owner talking to another customer. the woman, who seemed completely lost and not familiar at all with cloth diapers, said she was looking for a specific diaper. the owner showed her the diaper and told her the price and she immediately left.
i think for some people they can't make out the cost comparison in their heads. they get sticker shock when seeing one diaper that cost as much as two 30-packs of disposables. what they don't take into account is that one diaper will replace CASES of disposables.
before going cloth, i did coupons. i was very brand loyal to Pampers though, due to my daughter getting rashes from everything else. even with coupons i still spent $40 a month, or more. i went by unit price, and if i found them for under 20cents a diaper, i bought them. but then it got harder to find deals and good coupons. it in no way is cheaper to do disposables, but most people don't have the money to build up a stash quickly. you can build a stash slowly but IMO you don't really see the true benefit until you move to cloth full-time

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