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Re: Challenge: Diaper a baby 6-40 lbs under $500

Originally Posted by shan1212 View Post
I'd have @18 Swaddlebees Simplex newborn (would have to wash every day) for months one through four and @18 Diaper Rite pockets for the rest.

If I bought on sale I could up the number of each.
You know, once upon a time I would have said washing every day was awful, but lately I've found that it means I never never never have retained stink in diapers. And I don't have to do as much of a prerinse.

I'm going to have to remember that one for my next LO! I'm bummed I couldn't find the Simplex anywhere when we did our little stint in AIOs, it looked like a great diaper.
No 2x4 Butt! A non-pad "Pad" fold to put flats in covers and pockets:
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