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Re: What toddler-speak have you picked up?

Leddow (Yellow)
Chooch (vulva)
Whoop cream (whipped cream)
Cocodot tree (coconut tree)
Trampernine (trampoline)
Bibby (yup, bib)
Nappy blanket (awesome double-layer blanket the sitter made her for her naptime)
Huggies & kissies
Drinking fruit (pouch purees)
Babin' soup (bathing suit)
Weebs (leaves)
Gwubs (gloves)
Soup (Ramen noodles)

she also had an interesting way of saying "fluffernutter", but it would be pointless b/c the language filter would pick it up

The problem is that we think most of DD's mispronunciations are hilarious, so we repeat them & then they become a thing.
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