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Re: Absorbant fitted for big baby?

Originally Posted by CDingLizabelle View Post
UVASahm, thank you for sharing your story. I was starting to get real frustrated with constantly sizing up. Hopefully my baby will be similar to yours in growth.
I will look into the sbish (I do love snap less) and sandys. Thanks!
just another story- not much about fitteds (I wasn't brave enough to try)

don't worry- he'll slow down.

my dude was the same (a touch bigger at 4 months if anything). I had to go directly to Karen at GMD because I didn't know how to keep up- he soaked prefolds in no time flat and I felt terrible he was soaked! My son's now only about 26 lbs so he's been wearing the same brown edge for a year (and still going- now they look trim to me) after we flew through the first sizes- but now thinking about it, we did use the red for a good 3 months. I needed wide baby and I had a ton of doublers from GMD. 2 hemp doublers on the outside of a "next size up" prefold (now green) with a smaller prefold or doubler depending on our exact stage. I got flats to play with, too. We didn't start trying fitteds until he was older.

I now always size up crazy big (I think) because I still remember the early days We're trying sbish snapless and OBF just now ourselves.

the poppy fields look downright amazing.
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