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Re: I don't understand people who say disposables are cheaper

What kind of machine do you have? I have never tried it, but a friend of mine uses one of those Downy Balls filled with diluted bleach in her wash without problem.

As for disposables being cheaper: they are - IF you compare apples to oranges (good quality cloth to store brand disposables).
I use Freetimes, I have a liberal stash of 24 of them. Plus 6 Elementals for under tighter clothes. If I were to buy them in town regular price, 24 X $26, and 6 X $32 = $817 and that is JUST THE DIAPERS, nothing else.

Every 2 months one store in town has their house brand diapers on sale half price, and they have a diaper loyalty card Buy 20 get 1 free. So $10 a case of average 100. I can get 81 cases + 4 free for the same price. This equals over 8,500 changes.

I currently use 9 diapers a day, meaning I could diaper for 2.6 years. So same price as the cloth, with no laundry and no newborn stash. So I could have sposied for less.
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