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Originally Posted by Michelle_M View Post

I agree with both of these. I would continue to do as you've been doing. If the parents are fighting about it, that's between them. And if they are fighting over this, then they are fighting over other things too and backing away from play dates isn't going to change anything.

Let things continue as they are, and let the other parents deal with it between them.

There is probably more to the story than what the 6yr old is getting... so.. just let it go, unless you want to broach the subject with the other mother. You could be like "Something your DS said to me bothered me a little, and I wanted to talk to you about it. He said... xyz, and I wanted to make sure I'm not causing any problems for you at home." Or something like that.

God bless!
I agree it's between the other parents, and the problem is not you and your children specifically probably. Sounds like if there are issues, "it's not about the coffee", so to speak. As long as nothing else is setting off your radar Id just continue on as you are.
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