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Re: I don't understand people who say disposables are cheaper

Whew, lots of suggestions! We are not on septic, it's the washer that's anti-bleach. It's a compact (as in, 2.2 cu. ft.) Bosch Axxis. It has no bleach dispenser, and it says all over it that chlorine bleach will corrode a particular metal in the drum. Part of me doesn't believe that's really true, but the majority of my doesn't want to risk a $1800 washer to find out.

We have a VERY comprehensive stash and have just about every type of diaper. Flats, wool, stay-dry, you name it. None of it seems to matter, and I'm dealing with it on both kids. I battled the exact. same. problem with ODD and old Original Tide fixed it. But I ran out of it a year ago, and have tried around 15 detergents. No luck. And yes, I've stripped multiple times as well. And I use oxygen bleach. I'm kinda just over it at this point. I've probably spent close to $200 on rash creams and detergents. Thinking I'm just going to take some time off. I just wish my giant EBF LO didn't blow out of the cheap sposies.

Oh, and I really do think it's mostly that people just don't change diapers. I have a friend who only changes her kids' diapers twice: morning and night. She gets annoyed with her two-year-old for asking for a diaper change if she's not poopy. So gross.
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