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Re: How do you prepare your older child for vaccines?

Thanks, ladies! I think he'd be receptive to a social story, as well as role playing. I'll see what I can do.

Originally Posted by s@hmommy View Post
Does he have any reason to think they hurt since he hasn't really had any and he sees you to it to yourself without pain? Not being snarky, I promise, it just sounds like you have that one advantage for this first trip.

My 5 yo dd has been vaxed since birth and still absolutely flips out no matter how we handle shots, she stays mad at me all day over it too. I just quit telling tbh, because we are going to have a meltdown no matter what and I would rather only deal with it once.
Didn't take it as snarky at all. Honestly, he overheard me talking about vaccines with SO a few weeks ago and flipped out because he said it was going to hurt and he didn't like it.

I have no clue how he is so certain that it's going to be terribly painful. He has an extremely active and sharp mind for a child his age, and he worries too much about things that other kids his age don't seem to concern themselves with. Once he is convinced of something, that's just the way it is, in his mind - he's very "black or white" so to speak. I think it's all part of being on the spectrum. He's going to get some help to deal with all of that, but right now he's very newly diagnosed - we have a lot of appointments coming up to get him some help.
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