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Re: Breaking the news

We were TTC this baby(our 6th also) so we were expecting, or hoping anyway to get a BFP.
My situation was a sad one though. I tested 2 days early before AF was due and got my BFP. I was so happy, 2 days later(when AF was due) dh and I told our other kids. They were the first ones to know. That same day my sister called me and told me I needed to get to Ohio to see my Dad because he was dying. So it was very hard. What was supposed to be a happy time turned sad.
I told my sister when we got there and I also told my Dad when I got to see him. They were the only ones. He passed away 8 days after I got my BFP.
I didn't tell anyone for awhile. The kids wanted to tell people but I told them to wait. I knew mymom would make stupid comments so I didn't tell her for a long time.
I ended up telling her right before I posted it on Facebook.
I am very bad about not telling people how I feel and I hate it, so if you have the courage to say something do it. I hold things back and it hurts me in the end and it isn't fun. People think we are crazy for having 6 but we don't care.
Congratulations on your new little one, I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!
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