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Re: Do you think the movie Shrek is appropriate for a 4 year old?

My dd1 who just turned 4 last month is one of those kids that notices EVERYTHING especially in movies and shows. Needless to say its no fun to watch a movie with her that she hasn't seen and have to explain it all. . .

I am strict with movies and shows. I let her watch Shrek once just to try it out and it was O.K. just because I was there to explain things so she could understand (or make things seem different then what they were) but I was not really happy throughout the whole movie. Its definitely not appropriate for a 4yo as I see it and I wouldn't have let her watch it alone. We put the movie up until she is older.

I agree what is up with Disney/Pixar movies and the word "idiot"???? Toy Story says it so many times its so not neccessary. There was a short while where dd1 was really really liking toy story so I let her watch the first 2(I won't let her watch the 3rd). What I do with situations like that is correct the character when they say something mean. Like when Woody says "What an idiot" we go "gasp! Um! He owes Buzz a quarter! hehe" Or "gasp! That wasn't very nice of Woody to say huh!" and she'll agree

I wouldn't be super upset about them putting on Shrek that once but certainly let them know and send a list of movies that you approve of.
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