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Re: Kids activities that require no toys- add to the list!

I am loving all of the ideas!!! We do keep crayons and coloring books out on a bookshelf for them to use at all times. I also set out a handful of toys/activities everyday(something different daily) and they have a few that stay down stairs all the time. I just mainly don't want mega blocks, superheros, race cars and such scattered all downstairs. We even have a play room downstairs with a gate, but of course the kids want to play where we are ..... so we let them take the toys out of the playroom. I have lots of great ideas now though that will cut down on the clutter Thanks everyone!

This is our playroom- it starts off looking great in the morning, but you can barely walk in their by evening. Time to cut back on toys....

Originally Posted by Michelle_M View Post
What if you had an "art station" downstairs with coloring books and crayons. And/Or have a box of "downstairs toys" so they have SOME toys downstairs but not all? The rule could be ONLY the downstairs toys get played with downstairs, and then maybe rotate the toys out every week or so?

Kids get to have some toys downstairs, but you don't have to have all the clutter down there, and everyone is happy. Just a thought.

God bless!
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