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Re: What to do about 7.5 yr old DD's Christmas request?

My eight year old has a cell phone! We do not have a land line and wanted him to have access to a phone in an emergency (like if he gets off the school bus and nobody is home, etc...) it stays in the charging cabinet unless he needs to use it, but he is allowed to text his dad, myself, or his aunts/grandparents, and he uses the camera a lot. That said, he is very responsible and good with electronics (he has his own laptop and is saving money for an iPad.) in my opinion, if a phone isn't necessary for communication- it's kinda a lame gift. Lol... I feel like she'll be bored with it quickly. If you could afford it, I would go with an iPad with a texting app- there are so many great educational apps for kids that mine borrow my iPad all the time. Even my 18 month old knows how to operate it! Nothing wrong with a tech savvy child, in my opinion.
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