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Re: What to do about 7.5 yr old DD's Christmas request?

Virgin Mobile has a package that is $35 a month for unlimited text, unlimited data, and 300 minutes.

That being said, my 7 yr old has asked for a cell phone and I've told him he's not old enough. He is getting a tablet for Christmas though, but certainly not an iPad or a Kindle. He's getting less expensive one and if he takes care of it and is responsible with it, I'll consider upgrading him in a year or two.

He can use it for reading, for playing games, and if someone said that there is an app for texting, then I might get that app so he can text our family and ONLY our family.

If you want to get her a phone on your family plan, I'd set minute limits and check your bill very carefully and check her usage frequently.

I don't think it's a right or a wrong, it's one of those parenting choices that is up to each individual family and what's wrong for one, might be ok for another.

If you're hesitant about it, then don't do it. As I said, I've told my 7 yr old "No." That I might re-consider when he's 10 or 12, depending on what's going on in our lives at that point.

If you want her to have a phone in case of emergencies, they used to have these phones that can ONLY dial 3 or 4 preprogrammed numbers.

Good luck.

God bless!
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