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Nighttime CDing

I am new to cloth and used disposables on my first two girls. #3 is in cloth (I wish I would have done that sooner). We still use disposables at night because we co-sleep and DH would freak if she peed all over him (although I think it would be downright funny).

I use gDiapers for travel and have a stash of Sunbaby diapers for home (I have to say I prefer my kawaiis because of the fit). I also have some prefolds, but no covers yet.

I was looking at Econobums (we are on a tight budget) for night, but I am nervous. She really doesn't pee at all at night (she is 5 mo but neither of my other girls wet at night either), but I want to be cautious. What do you more seasoned mommies recommend for a family on a budget?
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