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Re: I don't understand people who say disposables are cheaper

Cloth will always be cheaper. You have to compare apples to apples. If you're going to compare the flat out least expensive option for sposies purchased with a coupon, then you need to compare that to the absolute cheapest brand of cloth, bought during sales. You can get 24 Osocozy flats for $36 (that's not even a sale price). Add in 6 Flip covers during a seconds sale and you've spent a total of $96 for a full stash. When you're finished with them lets say you sell them for 70% less than what you paid for a 30% return on your investment. That's a grand total of $67.20 spent. I challenge anyone to use disposables for 2 years and only spend that. Now, I haven't factored in detergent, water, etc, but I also didn't factor in disposable wipes and extra garbage bags on the other end... With cloth, you have something to sell at the end. With disposables, you have trash.
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