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Re: I don't understand people who say disposables are cheaper

Originally Posted by kannondicarpo View Post
Just be the voice of dissent.

Cloth for us costs more. Our electricity here is 4x the national average and I'm line drying EVERYTHING. It still costs me about $73/month vs buying a huge box at Costco. I have NO idea the cost of disposables since we've never used them but I do know that I am not saving this time around. Granted I've only spent $750 on diapers for 4 children but I'd financially be better off selling my stash and using paper diapers...but I won't! I'm a die hard cloth lover! Better for their heinies and the earth. <3
I hadn't thought of that. That must be one killer electric bill (it's high where I live too but nowhere near that). That reminds though, I really miss Hawaii! I haven't been there in 11 years.
In with my DH, crunchy, attached Mama to 4. Homeschooling, long term breastfeeding, CD'ing, babywearing, homebirthing. Could I BE anymore addicted to cloth?!
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