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Re: Challenge: Diaper a baby 6-40 lbs under $500

Ok, I'll play! I really like natural fibers, for some reason synthetic ones were never a good fit for my babies. However, I've found that pocket diapers can be had cheaper than covers sometimes, and work as well as covers, so that's what I did.

$78.50- 48 Flats from Amazon
$29.99- 60 washcloths from Amazon (can be used as newborn diapers and later as added absorbency and wipes
$6.99- pack of 36 diaper pins (Amazon)
$9.50 3 pack of Snappi's (Amazon)
$20 Pail Liner/hanging large wet bag (Amazon)
(all Amazon products would be free shipping if ordered together)

$90- 20 NB pockets from Alva (could be used as covers or pockets for flexibility)
$95.80- 20 OS pockets from Alva
$13.77- 3 wet bags from Alva
(all the Alva products would be free expedited shipping if ordered at once)

*For all that, you'd be spending under $340*

**OR, if you weren't planning on using the pockets as pockets, only as covers, you could get by with 10 in each size, knocking about $100 off the total, so $240**

OR, if the mama was inclined to learn to crochet, a $3 hook and some wool yarn from Micheals/Jo-Ann's would make wool covers. I could make NB Longview out of one skein of cheap wool from a craft store, which costs about $6 (less if it's on. Sale or you use coupons, but let's just go with the regular price). To make larger longies, I'd need 2.5 skeins. However, you could just make soakers to put under clothing. That would use a lot less yarn. I would think that for $100 in yarn, you could have a few covers/longies/shorts in each size.

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