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Is there anyone else you can call? Property manager? Landlord? That's rediculous! Otherwise call a plumber and take it out of your rent since their service is unavailable and you NEED a toilet!
We live in a rental and we've removed our toilet after it overflowed twice. Found (totally disgusting... You've been warned) old hardened poop in the bottom of the toilet. There was a shelf kinda thing before it goes down the hole in the floor and its as if someone pooped in it when there was no water (perhaps a service person while this was empty waiting to be rented??) and probably used a bucket to get it down the bowl or something and it just sat there and hardened. So we haven't had that problem since dh removed the toilet and chiseled it out on the grass while I gagged in the house. <puke> We cleaned up the area really well and replaced the wax ring and its fine now. We had to have the carpets cleaned twice before the water stains went away but now you can't even tell.
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