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Re: We finally had our ultrasound...

Originally Posted by mommagruber View Post
Did you find out genders?
No, but we will have ample opportunity I suppose. We weren't going to with one, so we couldn't decide. Next ultrasound is in January though.
Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post
Ahhhhhh. So glad its you and not me!!!!!!
That's how I always feel when I hear people are having twins! Totally freaked out; didn't see this one coming!
Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Congrats! There is a book called When You're Expecting Twins/Triplets/Multiples that is excellent . Things are very different as far as diet and supplements. Especially if they are identical I highly recommend being under the care of a perinatalogist or other specialist. Twin pregnancy is amazing, and I'm so happy for. But do be aware of the differences and potential increased risks. Totally not trying to scare you! Just wanted to share some info.
Thank you for the info. My DH and I were saying we need a book because we know nothing about twins. There are no twins in either of our families. I am seeing a perinatalogist. Our ultrasound was at their office to start with as they do many for the area, so we already talked with her some, but the shock was quite great. She said it looks pretty ideal as far as twins go, but there are always more risks with multiples. We will see her regularly. Oh the appointments are stacking up!
Thank you everyone for the congrats!
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