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Am still searching for a cloth diaper detergent to replace Clean B. how did she get the scent to stay through washing and drying? I loved the way our closets would faintly smell. Yes, I think Fruit Slices was the most delicious smell. It smelled so natural, not all chem like tide or dryer sheets. I have tried putting EO on a little cloth wipe in the dryer but it doesn't seem to last and those oils are expensive.

If anyone makes their own laundry powder, have you experimented with fragrance at all, and ever had the fragrance stay through the dryer? So that the room is faintly great smelling, and the clothes don't give out a heavy scent but when you put your face into the clean clothes / dipes, they do faintly smell delicious? That is what I am going for. My 9 year old gets excema in the summer, but he could handle clean b on his clothing so it wasn't harsh on skin.

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