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Re: Master Sticky - everything you wanted to know about posting in the WAHM forums

Where do I find the FAQs?

The link to the FAQs is at the very top right corner of every page on Diaper Swappers. It is above where it says "Welcome, <your username>" and above where it says "Trade. Connect. Share." The link to all the FAQs is here, and the link to the WAHM FAQs specifically is here. Here is a sampling of some of the questions that are answered in the FAQs (please see the actual FAQs for the complete list):

* What am I allowed to sell?
* If I make something to sell or trade can I only list it in the WAHM forum?
* It seems I have been removed from the group, can I get back in?
* I don't really have a business, am I considered a "WAHM"?
* Am I allowed to have multiple threads running at one time?
* I have negative feedback, will that affect me getting into WAHM wares?
* I have a wholesale account for X product (or I am a direct seller for Y company) and would like to sell those items at retail here. Can I do that?
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