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Hey everyone! Hubby and are starting the world of Foster Parenting! We have been talking for some time about it and finally feel ready to dive into it! We are moving into a bigger place next month to accommodate kids and are really excited! I am calling Wednesday to see when we can start taking Pride classes. I have a good friend who is a SW who is going to help us go through everything we need to do! She has been very helpful and I wish she could be "our" social worker! My first question is did you have the nursery done before all the home visits? We already have lots of clothes and diapers, a stroller, Carseat and carriers, and a PAC n play. Looking into getting a swing, rocking chair and infant seat from a good friend (I know it hasn't been in an accident). And looking for Crib(s) in Craigslist. Any advise? How much did you prepare before you had a placement? What do they "come with"? Sorry for all the questions! Thank you!!
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