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They usually don't come with much, if anything. My newborns have come with basically nothing. I did have an older baby come with a lot of acceptable clothing, diapers, bottle, food, but that isn't the norm. Of all items, I wouldn't look for a crib on Craigslist due to the recent changes in crib safety as the up to date cribs are only a couple years old so very hard to find used. I had to throw out the crib I had used for my bio children. I bought one off of Amazon. It is nothing fancy, but I think it looks pretty nice for the $99 I spent on it. I also would buy clothing in the age ranges we planned to take when I saw something for a good deal or even something I just loved. Seemed like overkill since I have clothes 0-4, but having those clothes have saved me! I've made a ton of use out of all the 0-12 month clothing I bought.

You may already know, but it's important to keep in mind the ages and situations you want. I see you're in CA and I know they have some really good fostering to adopt programs where you can get a baby/toddler already on the adoption path. Really nice if adoption is your goal, but I would think getting a newborn may be a little less likely. You could take a risk with straight fostering and see what happens. That's basically all we can do where I am. Some situations may look more likely to end up adoptable eventually than others, but things can change. Guessing by your signature, I am thinking adoption may be your goal, but you don't say that in your thread so I'm not going to assume.
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