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I followed your link to Etsy & saw that you are in SD. We fostered there through Angel's. I saw recently that they are licensing people in something like a month! Our new Agency - Koinonia - is in SD,too & we really love them. I would encourage you to consider them over the county.

When we got licensed this time we forgot to have a crib for the inspection, so we ran out & got a pack & Play & that was fine for getting licensed. They know that we just want infants (Angels, BTW, only does under 2, and only do one placement at a time - though sometimes they get sib sets). We have always kept infants in our room,and up to age 2 in your room is considered acceptable.

One of our placements came with his diaper bag (his mom even put his newborn card from the hospital & shot record in it - score!), our next was a newbie from the hospital & we had to bring clothes for her to the hospital, but the nurses gave us a stocked bag of formula. The next placement was already in care and his previous family was retiring, so he came with everything! You just never know!
Angels always gave us a diaper bag with donated diapers,formula,bottles and an outfit in it, but sometimes the bottles were donated because they were defective (once gave a baby a bottle just to find out it had no hole in the nipple. that sucked! LOL),stuff like that.

I hope it all goes well for you!
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