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A MONTH??? Thats crazy!!! What's the difference between Angels and the county? Besides only taking one child? In SD are the foster parents reaponsible for transportation to visits? Do they have any rules about bumpers? We have a whole crib set with a bumper and was wondering if we could even use it. It's super cute We have a cradle that will be in our room until they're sleeping through the night. Also planning on getting a travel swing and a booster high chair. We already have a bouncer and a PAC n play. Thank you all for answering my million questions! I am so excited!!
Hi I'm Haley, wife to Joel. TTC #1 With PCOS. Going through acupunctureand clomid to build our family! Cloth diapering, tandem baby wearing and signing Nanny to baby D & M (Sept 2012)
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