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Love Well Boutique *~*all-in-two's*~* Ready to Ship!

I have 6 ready-to-ship all-in-two cloth diapers up for sale.

Shell: Cotton print outer, hidden layer of pul, inner layer of microchamois
Soaker: Snake-style (approximately 4" x 17"), 4 layers of heavy organic bamboo fleece

Price: $17 + $3 shipping (add $2 for Canadian shipping)

Example of inner:

4 layer heavy bamboo fleece soaker:

Tiny Stars [SOLD]:


Girly Elephants:

Turtles on blue:



Primary Ooga:

Airplanes [SOLD]:




I came up with my own pattern for all-in-two diapers. They have cotton knit (or woven) outers, hidden layer of PUL, inner layer of microchamois. The soaker is snake-style and made of 4 layers of heavy organic bamboo fleece.

Most of these I have marked as "seconds" for some cosmetic flaws. If you would like to see closer pictures of why any particular diaper is second quality, I can send more photos.

All are size large, fitting approximately 20-32lbs. The girly elephant print is a size medium which fits about 15-25lbs.

All diapers except the firetruck/puppy print have what I call a "ruffle leg" shown up close in the last picture. The firetruck diaper has enclosed leg elastic, similar to what you would see on a t&t GoodMama diaper. I'm trying to figure out which style I like better.

"Ruffle" leg elastic

"Encased" leg elastic
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