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(Posting for a friend) Need help getting a toddler to stop BFing

My BFF isn't on DS and doesn't have any real world BFing support. She's asked me to post here to see if I can get some advice for her. She has an almost 2 yo who WILL NOT stop BFing. LO is still not sleeping through the night and is BFing more then she is eating. Mama is very ready to wean. She's a single parent with no support system and needs to get some sleep ALSO DD may end up having to overnight at her dad's due to the courts - they are fighting an ugly custody battle right now with daddy trying to get full custody. Especially if she has to overnight she will need to be weaned. I have no idea how to help ... the kids I did BF were weaned as babies and very gradually and happily, I've never had a screaming toddler digging under my shirt Any practical advice, suggestions, support is appreciated and will be passed on to her. THANKS
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