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I'm planning to drop to pumping twice a day for a bit then once a day and eventually stop. Trying to figure out what to do for dd's bottles now, as my supply won't last long. I'm not sure how to go about with bottles now that she is a year old while I am at work. I know she still needs at least 2 as they are a huge source of comfort for her while I am not there as well as food. She eats a ton already and I have told her caregivers to offer healthy snacks whenever she seems hungry plus she eats breakfast and lunch there. I am going to try hemp milk mixed with her bottles. And try and get her using a trainer cup so we can wean off bottles sooner than later. Any btdt stories feel free to share. She is very high needs and doesn't care for a pacifier either, so using those in place of comfort won't work so much and she is used to nursing to sleep and always does bottle then nap when I work.
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