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Originally Posted by jbug_4
Do you like chicken pot pie and chicken and dumpling type meals? Beef stew, french dip sandwiches (we cook a pot roast in the crock pot with beef broth and what ever seasoning we can get away with- we like to use homemade onion soup. The put the meat on buns, for those who can have cheese we put provolone on the bun and toast it. Then dip in the juices) with baked sweet potato fries. Sometimes we mix in carrot fries with the sweet potatoes. Salisbury steak -hamburger patties browned and then cooked through in gravy. Saute mushroom and onions in olive oil (or whatever) we use corn starch as the thickener but you can sprinkle in some flour when onions and mushrooms are tender. Then add beef broth. add browned patties in, cover and let cook about 30 mins. low to med temp, a nice simmer. Served with mashed potatoes and what ever veggies- we like green beans with sauteed onions and dried cranberries.

Out of curiosity, doesn't really matter I am just curious, is there an actual coconut allergy or do you avoid because its a "nut"? I know some allergist recommend avoidance if there is a nut allergy and other say there is no need since its a fruit. My dd has a actual coconut allergy (as well as peanut and cantaloupe and a dairy sensitivity). Its not really that common of an allergy, but I seem to be meeting more people with coconut allergies every day. Maybe because its increased popularity in the last few years.
Thank you! We actually do French dip sandwiches a lot. They are so easy in the crockpot and the kids love dipping in the juice. I hadn't thought of Salisbury steak! We will have to try that one!

It's an actual coconut allergy. She had a rash that wasn't going away, put CJs on it and it got worse so I had her tested. Our allergist thought I was crazy for requesting it, but he thought that for corn too and that's one of her biggest allergies. Apparently not much is known about coconut, I've been having a heck of time finding information on it and what hidden words to avoid. I'm pretty certain she also has some hidden fruit allergy but I don't even know where to start with that. But the coconut allergy tells me it's very likely.
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