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Re: What to do with a toddler who just doesn't care?

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
Bumping to see if anyone else has ideas.
I am in the same boat - DS3 is 39 months and not interested unless naked.
DD is 22 months and is showing signs now of wanting to go.
Although I don't have it as bad as BFF her son is four and no-where near ready - starting K in Sept though so they REALLY need to get things going.
Ideas are appreciated.
naked is a start! he's already at that age where he figures that you're gonna take care of things. i would recommend the "oh crap. potty training" book. the author has seen this kind of delay all the time. you're gonna have to ditch the diapers once and for all. not easy, but it's better for him and will give him a sense of pride every time he uses the potty. four years old and still in dipes is pretty ridiculous! dont wait for "readiness" signs. you'll be waiting forever! 20-30 months is the ideal time to train. get it done now!
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