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Re: She asked to go poop!!

great job, mama! your little one might me ready for potty training instead of EC. a great ebook to check out is "oh crap. potty training" at her book was recommended by Andrea Olson who wrote EC Simplified. i read your other post about not having started EC earlier with your LO. I felt the same way, too. But, I really didn't know much about EC and no one in my sphere of friends was doing it so I had no guidance. And once I got on the cloth diapering bandwagon, I was swept away in thinking that cloth was the only way to go. Then I read a natural news blog and I was thinking EC was way too crunchy. But, with a little more research, it started to make sense to me. Anyway, keep it up and tell your friends about it, even if they think you're weird! Someone's got to get the word out
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