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sold pls delete 4 girl pockets and 5 AIOs 45ppd

If you buy all 5 of the AIOs I can also add the 4 pockets no inserts for an extra $5.
sold 8 well loved flips

5 bumkins AIOs all seconds GUC. 8ppd each.

SOLD3 bumkins pockets all seconds GUC. 6ppd each.

4 "my little pony" pockets with 4 gerber organic prefolds as "inserts". $4ppd each GUC.

sold 6 econobum covers VGUC $6 ppd each

sold 7 flip stay dry inserts. GUC. need to be stripped. 6 are seconds. $2.50 ppd each.

sold 6 flip organics VGUC $6 ppd each.

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