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Re: Do you clean your teen's room?

My parents never cleaned our rooms.

My boys are young: almost-8 and 3 1/2. I made them hanging laundry bags that go behind their door, one for colors/darks and one for whites. They sort their own laundry and sometimes they help wash the laundry. They only have beds/clothes and a few books in there, most of the toys etc go into the play room.

I generally don't clean up their stuff, but I will vacuum the floor and I'll organize if it's getting too out of control.

When they are teenagers, I'll probably do less organizing and let them decide where to put their stuff, but (if we're still living in this house) their bedroom will be limited to clothes/books/bedding and the rest of their stuff will still be in the playroom (which might become more of a "study" at that point). I would still expect them to keep laundry off the floor, it's not too much to ask and it's very easy for them w/the hanging bags.
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