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Re: Is a waffle maker worth it?

I loved my waffle maker until it died. After dh used it It seems my appliances lose the will to live whenever dh uses them. I have the baby cakes waffle stick maker now but I haven't used it yet. Christmas gift. I also have the pancake maker from baby cakes which I love! I make a big batch of pancake batter and leave it in the fridge. The pancake maker heats up in like 2 minutes. It makes 2 perfect pancakes in like 5 minutes. Love it! Perfect for making ds breakfast in the am and I like that I don't have to use oil to cook the pancakes in. One of these weekends, I will cook up a bunch of the waffles and put in the freezer. That's what I used to do with mine. Then just pop in the toaster like an eggo waffle.

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