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Re: Do you follow the 24-hour-rule?

Mostly we do, yes. Generally, my kids are super tired coming off a day of fever and/or vomiting so a day of rest is needed. Now if a fever breaks at 10am and they rest all day and are fine - I'm sending them to school at 8am the next day even if it hasn't been 24 hours technically. I do round up sometimes. Vomiting is a little trickier for us - dd1 is a puker. If she coughs too hard she will puke. So for dd1 my puking rule is you have to be done puking and have eaten (and kept down) a full meal before she can go back to school. So if she's puking after supper, she has to stay home at least for the morning because she has to wait and see if breakfast will stay down. With dd2 who rarely pukes, I wait 24 hours before discussing preschool with her.

If the school sends you home with a fever, they won't let you back for 24 hours (unless it is an ear infection and you go see a dr to confirm and get meds). So if they send a kid home at 1:00 and you try to send them the next day, they'll call and tell you to come get them again because it hasn't been 24 hours (I've never done this but I've heard complaints from people who have had this done to them).
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