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Re: Please help me keep going...

Just an update, I am still plugging along pretty much through sheer force of will. I was excited because last night the scab fell off of my left nipple. Unfortunately I am still missing a chunk and its just raw skin now. I am hoping it will be better in a few more days.

Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
It will get better. I always cringe when I hear people say that the pain is normal, umm no it isn't. It may feel uncomoftable but it shouldn't be painful and a person shouldn't have to tough it out for weeks. I am sorry you got bad advise.

My DD had a bad latch (from what I could tell and by watching videos she was fine until a few days I was raw oh so sore. She was nursing a ton. The LC I saw was amazing. While it still hurt to latch on (because they were raw) they actaul feeding was much better once the latch was corrected.

The LC gave me these breast shields to wear between feedings. That way nothing rubbed on my nipples and they healed so fast. I slathered them with lanolin Within a week I was healed and pain free
Thank you so much for recommending those shields. I sent my husband out for them last night and I was able to wear a shirt for the first time in ten days. It felt so nice not to be shielding my nipples from clothing and blankets. And also to just be able to put my tatas away. Lol

I am definitely frustrated about what I was told because I know if I'd gotten some decent advice from the beginning my nipples would probably be fine now.

Originally Posted by NSB View Post
Rather than pumping, get yourself a Lact-aid Nursing Supplementer if you can. I feel your pain mama. If your getting the latch better now, things should start to feel better in about 3-7 days (that can be a long week! LOL) Nursing tiny babies is SO hard. If you can get through this stage, nursing an older baby/toddler is SO much more rewarding.
Thanks for the recommendation. She's getting weighed on Thursday, if she still hasn't gained I'll probably have to supplement with formula and I'll definitely consider buying one of those. Right now I am using a dropper and shes only getting 1-1.5 oz. Expressed milk so its not really worth it now.

I am hoping my nipples start healing more. They've been bad for 12 days already.
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