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Re: Do you follow the 24-hour-rule?

Originally Posted by Rhianna'sMommy View Post

If the school sends you home with a fever, they won't let you back for 24 hours (unless it is an ear infection and you go see a dr to confirm and get meds). So if they send a kid home at 1:00 and you try to send them the next day, they'll call and tell you to come get them again because it hasn't been 24 hours (I've never done this but I've heard complaints from people who have had this done to them).
The pre-school I use to work at did this too. What sucked though is people would send their kids back to school after the 24 hours doped up on tylenol and they would still have a fever. We wouldn't know until the tylenol wore off around lunch time and the kid had been infecting the whole class for 3 hours. The director would say something and the parent would say "oh, I didn't know he still had a fever" - if he still needed tylenol to be comfortable than he shouldn't be in school. We had one parent that did it all the time. I understand she couldn't afford to miss work but neither could the other parents who had to because she sent her child sick. The director finally had to tell her she would have to bring doc's note every time he was sent home with a fever. She really messed her self up on that one. Now not only does she have to take off work she also has to pay for a doc every time because she wouldn't follow the rules.
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