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Originally Posted by Kiliki

I agree with this.

I think it comes from the evolution of food and how our culture views it.

It used to be that green beans were healthy. They were fresh and green and good for you.

Now we have green beans in a can w/sodium and interesting chemicals. How come they aren't healthy?

It used to be that meat was MEAT. Meat was healthy for you, it came from a healthy animal, on a small farm, where it was fed grass.

Now we have meat that is mass-produced, animals that live in their own feces and are diseased.

It's hard for people to think about things like this, to understand HOW the food industry has changed in the past 60-70 yrs.. My mom is like this. She is completely clueless.

I was raised on pop tarts, cereals, canned foods.

Now that I am adult, and I turn my nose up to the food options my mom has at her house,

I OFTEN hear things like, "What? It's a pop tart! It's just bread and jam, like a PBJ sandwich!" No, no, it is very much UNLIKE a PBJ sandwich. .... or, "What? It's just Vienna Sausage! It's meat, it's protein, it's GOOD for you!" .... again... No. Just, no. It's not GOOD for you. My mom is totally baffled by the idea of eating half a plate of veggies and a quarter plate of meat. When I grew up, each person got a HUGE chicken breast all to themselves to eat, or two chicken thighs, or three drumsticks, ONE spoonful of a canned veggie, and ONE spoonful of some quick and easy rice from a box ---- and my mom really TRULY thinks this is a HEALTHY way to eat.

If I'd never learned more about overall health, and HOW to eat healthy, I would be feeding my kids the exact same way.

I think the overall society we live does not place a high enough priority on vegetables and fruits being a HUGE portion of our diets. Fruit snacks are not fruit. Fruit juice is not fruit. Canned fruit is a sorry excuse for fruit. A fresh, raw pc of fruit is FRUIT. Same for veggies.
I think this pretty much sums up my thoughts. Very well said.
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