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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
I agree with what has been said. It's a lot of things. Many parents are uneducated about proper nutrition, how to read a lable, etc. I also think that the mainstream food industry has taken our food away from being real/normal/etc. Then you also have many families having either a 2 working family household or a single parent home. School lunches in many areas are seriously lacking as well, and then the cost of food. Many can not spend much on weekly/monthly groceries, so they have to settle for less than healthy foods because that is what they can afford. I find it all sad
The highlighted I have heard many times but when you add it up a lb of sweet potato is cheaper than a lb of chips. Water is cheaper than pop. carrots are cheaper than a box of cookies. Beans are cheaper and more filling than high fat meat or even chicken. Playing outside costs much less than sitting in front of a television or a video game.
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