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Re: Toddlers on a leash

It's a tool that can be used or abused, like any other. We have one, a monkey backpack, that DD will ask for sometimes. We got it b/c she had started walking by 10 mos, & we went on a big week-long vacation to Virginia Beach w/ a bunch of people we didn't know (4 of DD's donorsib families) & she was 13 mos & running . We did Colonial Williamsburg, the aquarium, and a variety of other activities. Once she started walking, DD would have an absolute FIT if confined to a carrier or stroller when she wanted to be walking; she was still too short to hold hands comfortably, though she would do so sometimes; and she hadn't the common sense of a donkey (she was still a baby!) she was impulsive, we were in busy places, & she would take off. So we put the backpack on her, handle around my wrist & holding her hand. It was an insurance policy.

We've used it periodically when in busy places where we don't want to get separated from DD no matter what (i.e. when DP took her into Manhattan & they rode the subway), or when DD wants to flex her independence, like when she decided she didn't need to hold hands in the parking lot anymore, but I didn't trust her to walk right with me. Now she'll sometimes ask for it, usually when we're going to the zoo, mall, or something like that & she's having a particularly squirrely day--I think she knows when she's extra impulsive & it helps her feel safe. She's too big for the carrier, carrying her for very long kills my back, & she doesn't want to know anything about a it's great for things like the State Fair or walking the few city blocks to the science museum or something. I think the leash has its place, but I don't "lead" her on it or yank her around on it like I see people do with their dogs (like I'd probably have to do with my dog if he ever wanted to walk around the neighborhood )
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