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Re: Toddlers on a leash

Originally Posted by cbreeding View Post
I think with any parenting/baby tool (such as a swing, stroller, harness, etc.) it should be used and not abuse as it fits for the parent and child.

This is how we used it. When DD and I would be somewhere walkable but kind of crowded, she got a choice - hold my hand or walk with the harness/leash. She almost always chose the leash because holding my hand for that long made her arm numb. She felt the security that I still had her but she had freedom to walk at her own pace, bend down and check out a bug, and I knew that she couldn't wander off. She actually lead me as she was always in front. When we got to a crosswalk or boarded the subway/bus, she had to hold my hand.

It is not something that everyone likes or wants to use. Personally I'm not a big fan of strollers for many reasons, but mainly because I want my kids to walk and use up their energy rather than riding everywhere. For me, the harness/leash is a happy medium between the confines of the stroller and the comfortableness of holding my hand for long periods of time.
Oi! Can I tell ya? We made DD ride in the stroller at the fair once she got tired...she proceeded to shout *really* inappropriate things at the people in her way. But we couldn't hear her b/c it was busy & loud, she was lower (sitting vs standing) than she usually is, had the canopy pulled over, etc. It was soooooo embarassing (but still a little funny ). Strollers can present a whole different set of headaches...
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