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How much school has your LO missed?

I worry about my DS2 because of how much school he has missed this year. They go to school from the end of August, to the end of May. From August 27th, to December 21st, he missed 8 days.

My oldest only missed two days during that time. They aren't excessively sick, and I can admit that two of the days that I kept DS2 home, it was because he just said he didn't feel well. He didn't have fever/vomiting.

I am not sure what the overall requirements are for him to be able to pass his grade and move up (I think more than 16 days, they talk about making up days/work or something). I don't plan on him missing school, obviously... but things happen. I also feel like because he HAS missed 8 days of school so far, that when I call on the days he is absent, they almost like... roll their eyes at me and say "yeah right" in their heads.

I thought about taking him in for PROOF and having the nurse check his temp when he's sick, but that's just exposing all of the other kids, and I REALLY don't want to do that. I also don't want them to think that I am just keeping my kid home to keep him home, either.
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