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Re: How much school has your LO missed?

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Has he ever been in school/daycare before or were you a SAHM? If you were a SAHM (even if you did playgroups) it's normal for the kinder kiddos to be 'more sick' than older ones as they adjust to being around so many germs.
I've been a WAHM since he was born. He's never stepped foot in a daycare or anything. I knew this would play a big part, because he's never been around THAT many kids, so his immune system needs to be built up. I just hate that I feel so guilty about keeping him home. I mean, on average, he missed about one day, every 2 weeks. That seems like a lot. Short of multi-vitamins and eating healthy, I don't know of anything else that I can do to keep him from missing anymore school. I definitely don't want things to be the same as they were last semester, and unfortunately... we're smack dab in the middle of flu season, so I'm just worried that we're going to follow the same path.
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