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Re: Do you follow the 24-hour-rule?

I had never even heard of this until another mom told me about it. I thought it was weird. At the time I didn't have school aged kids.

Now my ODD is school aged, but I homeschool her, so it really makes no difference. When she is sick, we stay home and do what we can. When she is better we go about our normal routine, which is typically at home anyway.

Fever = stay home, whether you feel fine or not.

Coughing alone for us means croup, and yes, you are going about your normal routine even with a gross croupy cough b/c it's not contagious.

Colds that involve gross snot and sneezing = stay home, fever or no fever.

Any illness with vomit = we stay home for like a week b/c typically that's how long it takes me to clean everything up and get our lives back on track.

I try to be courteous of others whenever I can. If I absolutely HAVE to take a sick kid somewhere, I keep them in the cart, or right at my side the entire time, don't let them touch anything, constantly bark at them to cover their cough/sneeze, make them wash their hands 100 times, and try to rush in and out of wherever it is we have to go.... But that is really rare. Usually things can wait till DH is home to stay with the sick kid.
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