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Originally Posted by ssand23 View Post
I have both a Perego Pliko P3 and a City Elite that would both fit this bill. Though the City Elite has a much higher weight limit & size limit (it goes up to 75 lbs!) in general & a super smooth ride but the Pliko comes with the part on the back to stand on. Personally the City Elite is the first stroller I go for if we are going out but the Pliko is very nice, too & you can find a Pliko for cheaper on Craigslist than the City Elite (but if you have a very big/tall toddler, the Elite is worth every penny).
I have a city elite. My 5 yo still fits with no problems. He is 46". It drives well, but it is wide. It will fit through a standard door way, but only folds in half. So it takes up a lot of space. I have a truck with a locking tonneau so space is not a problem for me.
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