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Re: S/o what discipline works in YOUR family???

Natural consequences


Gentle Reminders

Time outs

Loss of privileges

Early to bed

Waking up early (Ex: If you do not go to bed when your told than you need to wake up earlier as your not tired at bed time)

Toy Jail (basket in the living room that toys go in that they are not allowed to touch until I say so)

Manual Labor (Yard work, scrubbing base boards , windows and so on)

Extra chores

Doing siblings chores

If task are not done diligently the first time they do it again and again until they have done it correctly no matter if it takes 1 time or 10.

Doing for others that you have wronged(Ex: if you hit your brother you can clean his room)

Donating toys or items you have no respect for

Last resort a swift swat on the behind.

We do a lot of praise and rewards for positive behavior as well.
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