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Re: Do you clean your teen's room?

I don't clean it, I don't touch it. She has to deal with her own laundry, and has for years, so I don't even head in there for laundry.

Every so often, probably once a week or every other week, ish, I make her take a few hours on Saturday and clean it up. Basically, I don't care if it's messy, I care if it's gross, and if it starts to approach gross, she has to clean it up. Cleaning it up means the clothes on the floor get taken care of, the trash on the floor gets taken care of, anything that is trash or gross on the horozontal surfaces gets cleaned up. I don't make her organize the whole thing, I don't make her make her bed and I don't make her put things away as long as they are up out of the way-I don't care if she has 5 books stacked on the corner of her dresser instead of in the bookcase as long as they aren't all over the floor and not strewn haphazardly and getting wrecked.

I DO make her vacuum as soon as the floor is clear enough to do so. I do make her wipe up anything that is spilled. I also make her wash her sheets and blankets whenever I notice she hasn't done it in a while.
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