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Re: The spanking debate.

Originally Posted by jam's mum View Post
I welled up when I read your response. Thank you so much for your kindness .

Originally Posted by mjg2043 View Post
This has turned into a strange thread. Like many things on here I am always perplexed why people care how others choose to parent. Its not like we are going to change our minds. I've never had the - OMG a random person on an internet website about cloth diapers said I should/shouldn't do something so I better totally reevaluate my parenting - moment.

I don't understand the defensiveness, but I guess I just have a position on things and let others choose their own.
I have re-evaluated my thoughts/stance on a few things thanks to women on here.

Originally Posted by September View Post
Spanking has proven within our family (particularly my older children) to be ineffective and not to communicate what I want to communicate to my children.
From your siggy, it looks like your older kids are getting up there! Spanking my older two would harden their hearts against me I think
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