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Re: Cupcakes and red dye allergy

India Tree makes some natural dyes that are good, but nothing will get you anywhere close to the look you are going for except the artificial stuff. I would suggest doing a tie dye "topper" of some sort, perhaps out of paper, glued to a wooden stick? You can use regular frosting and just stick the topper on each one, or at the very least do that for the kid with the allergy. We don't eat/use dyes. I have found that cupcake toppers are the way to go, and it saves the 3-days-later food dye stains on their faces too! I did little apples with a paper punch for DS' orchard party, and just glued them to tiny wooden popsicle sticks that I got at the craft store. So cute!

ETA: If it is only RED dye that the child can't have, then you could just substitute for a natural red dye... But the other colors, such as green and blue, are nowhere near the "green" or "blue" of artificial dyes. Trust me, I've tried LOL

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